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• 9/14/2013

About Derpy Stories...

Hello, I am just here to see if there would be any Derpy Gorefics allowed? I am only asking this question, simply because Gorefics are the only type of Fanfic I can write. Thank You for reading.

Sincerely, Digital_Brony

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• 9/16/2013

Can you define a Gorefic so I may know if it can be allowed for this site.

(10minutes later)

Okay Gorefics can't be allowed on here its the rules.

• 9/17/2013

Thank you for letting me know. I will still visit this wiki, though I probably won't contribute anything. Though I would love to work my way to mod. And I will try to get people onto the wiki.

Again, thank you for replying. :D

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